Saturday, September 09, 2006

On Being Interviewed By The Woman Of Grace


Woman of Grace

I was disappointed to learn at Catholic Worker this morning that Lady Katie, Mark's true love, was not going to go out for breakfast after feeding the homeless today. She said there were so many volunteers this morning that she would go volunteer at Child Haven instead.

So I sighed and went on with my duties. When we were done I decided to go to Starbucks until Mass at 9 am with the Carmelites.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the two love birds, Mark and Katie, sitting there in front of the cafe on the sidewalk. How quaint.

Mark had to take off for an early meeting with the other Carmelite Council members so Katie and I were there together alone.

At which point the wonderful lady began to interview me in her sweet, inimitable manner. It was an unveiling of the darker secrets of the life of Tim, the Lonely Man. It was one of those moments were friendship gets sealed by trust. Where two hearts meet that find safety within one another because of the pervading love of the Holy Spirit and the fellowship that arises from the common bond of Christian committment.

She erected a zone of safety in which I unveiled my tougher moments in life. Where I talked about my more troubled times of coping with the dark side.

Wouldn't you like to hear the sordid details? Hehe! Well, you can't! I'm not ready yet. I'm not sure how personal I want to get in my blog. I have to decide how vulnerable to be. So, gentle reader, you will have to wait, or, perhaps, you may never know the skinny on the Lonely Man. I just don't know, yet.

But, I will say that it was a blessed time with wonderful Katie, who worries that I blog too much. She even shared some about herself and come to find out, we have some things in common that I didn't know about. What an refreshing surprise. I had to go just when she started to open up so some time in the next few months we may be able to open up to each other again and form a deeper bond.

And to think that I used to fear Mark falling in love with another who might deprive me of fellowship with him. Here I have found another rich source of God's companionship.

I'm telling you, gentle reader, God is very good to me.

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