Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Anchoress reveals a reason why she left liberalism


The Anchoress used to be a lib, folks. She lets us in on one of the reasons she left the Democratic party- taxes:

See, this is one of the reasons I HAD to leave the Democrats. There is a disconnect, a fundamental refusal to engage in reality; to look at a thing and say, “gee…maybe we should rethink our old taxing habits,” seems not to be in their make-up. Unemployment is incredibly low - lower than it was in the “full employment” 1990’s. Tax receipts are incredibly high. But tax cuts are bad.


Yeah, the Dems are showing their true colors. Tax anybody anywhere for any reason. Let's not forget this come November, folks.


Miskaj said...

You got it! The Democrats are also
kin to CNN in their pro-Arab views and abortion issues and all the liberal garbage that goes with them
for sure! Come visit and be safe!

Anonymous said...

As a young person and a voter I'm pretty disappointed in both parties. They both serve corporate interests, not mine. Neither is interested in the post-baby boomer world where we will have to compete with the rest of the world for jobs and no one-and I mean no one-will have any savings or retirement built up. Both parties need to excercise fiscal restrait, stop borrowing money from other countries, and pay down our debt. Tim you're a collection guy, so you know what happens to folks when the credit card money train stops. Well what happens when it stops for our government?

Tim said...

Well, Michael, regarding retirement for the current generation- the Republicans have a plan for partial privatization of Social Security benefits which would provide investment income for the future, better than the current plan does.