Friday, September 15, 2006

More thoughts on offering up our sufferings

Tom Kreitzberg on his Disputations blog has a great piece on the value of offering up our sufferings to the Lord as I blogged about in the below post.

In this post he makes a great point:

Here's a thought: The suffering we experience in this life and offer to God, in reparation or expiation or obedience or charity, will in some way be transformed into a spiritual beauty, to the glory of Christ, in the heavenly kingdom. The suffering we experience but don't offer to God will be washed away (in the water from Christ's side, it could be said), but will not produce any spiritual beauty within ourselves. That potential for spiritual beauty won't be wasted -- it will be exercised, so to speak, in Christ's act of washing away that suffering -- but it will be a missed opportunity for us to bring glory to God.

I want to be as beautiful in heaven as I can. I also want any valuable thing that I got coming to me. Don't you?

So let's consistently offer up our sufferings to the Lord.

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Christina Martin said...

This is beautifully put. I'm so glad to have found your blog!

I've long had this picture in my mind of a basket of jewels. When we reach the Lord's throne, we have a basket. It can be empty, or full, or even overflowing, with jewels -- gifts and offerings -- for Him when we meet Him. It doesn't save us, for we can arrive before Him with empty hands, but what a joy to be able to able to present Him with gifts when we get there!