Thursday, September 21, 2006

Just had to show off the newest addition to the blogs

Yep folks, we have ourselves a new blogger in the Catholic blogosphere!

A Cardinal, even!!

He's Cardinal O'Malley of the Boston diocese. Hey, you just gotta go check him out. This is no staff produced publication, this looks like a true blue blogging endeavor!

H/T toAmericanPapist: Not Your Average Catholic!: Cardinal O'Malley really is a blogging cardinal!


Fidei Defensor said...

Sir, thanks for your words of support! Welcome to the Catholic Church, I have actually heard good things about the Church in Vegas, ironic for Sin City, but good news none-the-less. It seems you have beeen through some rough times lately, but rest assured you'll be in my prayers.

Collections agent... you mean a repo man?

Anonymous said...

Dear Tim,

As a bulletin board member for 4 years and as Co-Chair of the Second International Mitford Homecoming (HC2), it was quite a surprise to see your mention of Jan Karon's Mitford series. I was trying to get back into that site when my computer took me to another site that had your blog listed on it so I thought I would say hi.

We are currently working on details for HC2 which will be held in conjunction with the Town of Blowing Rock's Mitford Days in Blowing Rock, North Carolina in September 2007 and registration is now open for bulletin board members. If you would like more information, please check out the website and I hope that you will consider joining.

In Him,