Monday, September 18, 2006

Need advice from you, gentle reader, about applying for new job.

My employer's HR department told me that they will give out no information about my job except bare necessities like the dates I worked there and stuff.
So, that leaves the question, what do I reveal about the demise of my position there?
What is honest and what is for my best interest?
How much do I reveal and what do I say during the job interview? Hmmm?

Please let me know your thoughts.

Thank you, gentle reader.

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Joel said...

I apologize; I should have respoonded to this one sooner.

I gather that what led to your firing was that the rules regarding internet usage hadn't been made clear. (You don't sound like someone who would have been sneaking computer use behind their backs.) You violated rules that you failed to understand correctly. I can't imagine an honest mistake like that would be a black mark.