Friday, September 15, 2006

just another day in Paradise...

Feeling kinda low today.

It's sort of a low grade rolling misery lumbering along in my darkened heart. It's temporary, I know. I'm not letting it interfere with my daily activities: morning prayer, Adoration of the Lord and blogging....

It's just there and I'm feeling it.

It's making me go to the Lord to "offer up" my suffering to him to be joined with his suffering. It's great being a Christian Catholic. You still feel the miseries of life but you have this extra dimension where it's not all about you. Where you receive benefits amidst your troubles.

As sparks fly upward, so man is born for trouble.- I think that's from Job. Good one, that.

How about you, gentle reader, what are your miseries?


Anonymous said...


You have an unexcelled blog and
certainly may set it up any way
that you desire however isn't it
a bit of overkill to have
comment moderation as
well as word verification
unless you really don't wish
for anyone to leave comments
on your distinguished blog???

My blog only has comment
- Am I losing

Dr. Whoami

P.S. Besides Google's word verification
is driving me to becoming dyslexic -
a problem I never had before...

Sister Mary Martha said...

Poor dear. Pray for the intercession of Pope John Paul II. He held on to his job forever.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tim, sorry it's rough going for you today. Well, if you need a friendly ear to "listen", please feel free to email me.
I'm still praying to St. Joseph for you.
God bless,

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

Potty training a two and half year old boy. 'Nuff said.