Thursday, September 21, 2006

Job interview update- "Ve have vays of finding out..."

Well, I went to my first interview yesterday and I turned them down. They only offered me 50 cents more per hour than what I got hired at 6 1/2 years ago at my old job. Felt good to be the one turning something down.

I'm learning that this is indeed a small town in some ways. A former department manager was working there. He came out and met with me briefly. The hiring interviewer told me to tell him exactly why I was fired at my last job, because he could find out due to this guy's former connection with the same place. Hmmm. So much for confidentiality.

So, time to review my resume after a friend's input on it and then submit it some more to other places.

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Adoro said...

Wow. You could have a lawsuit there. Employers are NOT able to give any kind of reason as to why you left your previous job. They do NOT need to know you were fired and if your previous employer leaked that information, they can be sued, and should be.

I'm not a litigious person, but it IS important for us all to stand up for our rights and our privacy. I realize you turned THEM down but if you ever run into that situation again you may want to contact an attorney. You may also want to consider carrying a tape recorder.

In my experience, ie via that of friends, the collections business often isn't the most..uh...ethical, as you likely know. They micromanage, overrestrict, and apparently slander people who have left.

My prayers are with you.

Don't be afraid to stand up to people who threaten are in the right and no one likes to be put in their place and threatened with a lawsuit. You DEFINITELY didn't want to work there...if that's how they treat interviewees, how do they treat their employees? What a bunch of bullies.

God bless you!