Saturday, September 16, 2006

Iced tea on my toes- Saturday morning events


Aargh- I just wrote this long post on my day and was checking a link to see if it worked and lost the whole thing. Rats! Well, let's see if I can reproduce it:

Woke up early this morning still feeling kind of gnarly in the mood, but am just plodding along, offering it up to the Lord. I got ready to help feed the poor at the Catholic Worker. Got to their house and entered the kitchen where I saw Mark standing on a milk crate stirring 4 pots of Ramen soup smiling down on me. Mark often smiles and always greets one warmly.

We did the Catholic Worker version of Morning Prayer with about nine others. Then we loaded up the ramen and several pots of iced tea into the trailer and drove over to the feeding site just down the road from their house.

There were more people than last week gathered there. I served the iced tea. Drops of the cold stuff would drip off my pitcher and splash on my toes. That made me smile and it occurred to me that I could blog about that unique experience. I often get ideas throughout the day that I can blog about. Does that happen to you, gentle reader? I seem to always be in blog mode.

After that was over we went back to the house and helped wash dishes- my favorite chore. We said our goodbyes and left.

We went to Starbucks for an enjoyable hour and a half. We discussed several things: my future possibilites- the post office, a new trade and stuff; how his love, Lady Katie, was doing- she is leaving this morning for one of her frequent camping trips (her license plate says CAMPINKATE) and she also has had a weeklong migraine which just started letting up yesterday; his window cleaning business and his latest spiritual adventures- a month ago he finished memorizing 15 of the main teachings of Brother Lawrence's Practice Of The Presence of God, and says that he has arrived at the heart of Brother Lawrence's thoughts, that he is basking in their wonder, he has great spiritual adventures, things that give me much to ponder.

After we parted company I went to the Chapel at St. Bridget's for Adoration. I was kind of antzy and only stayed a few minutes, however. I felt sheepish when I left.

Then I drove here to the public library where I can blog for free, although I frequently get booted off and have to skip from open computer to open computer.

There, I think I remembered most of it. Whew!

So, now for some prayer requests, gentle reader:

For Katie, to be relieved of her migraine, and to be spiritually blessed on her vacation.
For Mark, healing for his leg which he hurt by falling down some stairs, the clumsy oaf, and for more jobs for his business.
For the poor and homeless, that Christ would comfort them and meet their needs.
For me to receive wisdom from God and comfort and to find a great new job opportunity.
For you, gentle reader, to be inspired by the Holy Spirit and guided along your particular path.

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Anonymous said...

My stepdaughter got rid of her frequent migraines by giving up bananas! Have your friend keep a food diary and eliminate different things for a few days at a time and see what happens.