Wednesday, September 20, 2006

RCIA again tonite


Well, it's that time again and in a few short minutes I will be at our RCIA meeting. Tonite I think we cover the Trinity.

I want to plant some seeds about forming a prayer life. I read the Catholic Catechism this week on prayer and, man, was it a treasure trove!

Hmmm, maybe I should quote some of it.


Jennifer said...

Last month I made a prayer book. (There's pics of it on my Catholic blog). I filled it with prayers I copied and printed off. I look through it a few times a day and pray those prayers.

And I've started saying Stations of the Cross on Friday, litanies on certain days and increasing my intentions for others and myself.

You would be suprised how helpful prayer is. Just that change has made me feel closer to God and profoundly impacted my life.

Miskaj said...

Well you have a nice site here. I used to live in Vegas. You could not pay me to move there again! SIN
CITY of all! No thanks! But to some
people it is ok I guess! Anyway it is hot as hades there and I cannot stand the heat!That is why I plan on skipping hell and making Heaven my home! Hope to see yo uat my site
and BLOG. Be safe in HIS love and blessed too. Katie

Tim said...

Yes, Jennifer, prayer is wonderful, isn't it? I definitely agree with you- it has wonderfully changed my life, especially Adoration of the Eucharist.