Wednesday, September 06, 2006

First night of RCIA

Well, it wasn't so bad. My fear has left me. It has been replaced with a desire to form the souls of the attendees. I want to shape their prayer lives over the next few months. I am seeing a long term plan here coming together. I want them to leave this class with a well-developed prayer life.

I googled some material on prayer this afternoon and promptly forgot it at the printer here at the Internet cafe I inhabit. Doh! So, I had to wing it. Next week I will have handouts for everyone. Heh.

One problem, there are only about 20 attendees! I am so disappointed! We had 50-75 each of the last two years. I guess we didn't make the announcements at the right time. *sigh* Well, there nought to be done about it now. We'll just have to make this a quality year for RCIA since the quantity is lacking. Next year will be better!


EC Gefroh said...

Glad it went well for you Tim.

Tim said...

Ah, my faithful Esther!

Thank you!

~pen~ said...

oh my goodness - 50-75!! i would be dumbstruck! we had a lot last year - maybe about 15; this year the attendance is expected to be maybe half and i have just yesterday told my deacon that i will not be able to be a presenter; it's simply too much.

he did, however, request i be a sponsor of one of the candidates, to which i said "you bet!" and will still be able to go to the meetings and give my 2 cents (which is what he wanted). i just won't have to prepare for class.

please pray for me and i'll pray for you...

Tim said...

Will do, penni!